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According to dictionary.com, the word “Artifice” means “a clever trick.” At first glance, TW-Bents Artifice may seem to fit that definition. It has a lot of features only found on very expensive trikes but has a very reasonable price. After spending some time on the Artifice, I can assure you that this trike is no trick.

I feel like a broken record saying this, but what used to be considered the Taiwanese “off-brands” have greatly increased in quality over the last several years. The Artifice is a very good indicator of that. Some of the graphics and fasteners still look a bit out-of-date but every other aspect of the build quality is excellent. The welds and powdercoat are first rate, as is the seat mesh.

TW-Bents has also included several small features that really impressed me. The seat has a very fast and easy quick-release to help make the fold easier. The seat also stays attached like it does on more expensive trikes like the Catrike Trail and HPVelotechnik Gekko fx. The seat also has several integrated zipper pockets.

Starting with this year’s model, the rear wheel also folds flat just like the big boys. However, the overall package is still pretty large. The fold is plenty small enough for any SUV or station wagon or to store in the corner of your garage. It’s just not as small as an ICE or Azub or similar. Luckily, it’s a very quick and easy fold. All you have to do is pop two quick releases and make two quick movements.

The larger folding size is mostly due to the Artifice’s rather wide track width. The upside to that is that it makes the trike very stable. I had absolutely no issues with the TW-Bent’s handling. It’s rock solid at higher speeds and the turning circle is very tight.
TW-Bents chose a pretty impressive component package For the Artifice. My test trike came with Shimano bar-end shifters, a Deore XT rear derailleur and (most impressively for this price) Avid BB-7 disc brakes. The rims and hubs are no-name but appear to be very good quality. The Artifice rolls on Kenda Kwest tires. That’s pretty good for a trike that retails for $2249.

The chromoly frame on the Artifice yields a very smooth ride on rougher surfaces. The seat is also highly adjustable (34-54 degrees) and very comfortable. The seat base stays in place so the the base won’t cut into the back of your legs if you push it all the way back. The bottom bracket height is fairly sporty but not objectionably high for the average rider.
There is a downside to the soft-riding steel frame. The thinner tubing means that there is some flex when you’re really laying the power down. That’s not a big deal since TW-Bents doesn’t market this trike as a performance machine, but the frame flex combined with the 44 lb weight mean that you won’t be setting any records on the Artifice. It’s acceptable, just not what I’d call fast.

The Artifice is available with a wide range of accessories. Fenders and a rear rack can be ordered although they will compromise the folding process a bit.
Overall, the Artifice is a very nice trike. This is true even when you take the price out of the equation. Once you consider the price, it’s even better. And with a new distributor in Industrial Bicycles, it becomes an even more attractive option for American buyers.
根據Dictionary.com的翻譯, Artifice這個單字的意思是靈巧的把戲,當我第一眼看到它時確實會有這種感覺,這台車有很多的特點是你也會在一些昂貴的廠牌車上發現的,但Artifice的價格卻相當平易近人。在花了一些時間在試乘上,我可以很肯定的告訴大家Artifice絕對是一個認真做出來的好產品。雖然我好像一直在重複說這件事,但不難發現近幾年來台灣的品牌在品質上有明顯的提升,Artifice就是一個很好的例子。雖然它沒有一個華麗的外觀,但你可以看到在一些細微的處理上是非常用心的,尤其是在焊接、表面處理以及座椅的設計都令我驚艷。
TW-BENTS有一些設計都令我驚喜,座椅快拆的設計讓摺疊這件事變的更快更輕鬆,座椅的位子是固定在車架上的,像Catrike Trail和HPVelotechnik Gekko FX也是這樣的。網衣上也有設計了一些實用的小袋子讓你可以放東西。
TW-BENTS選擇的配件也讓人印象深刻,我測試車上的配件是Shimano Bar-end shifter變速把、後變是 Deore XT、還有 Avid BB-7碟煞,雖然輪圈和花鼓是沒有品牌的但看起來質感相當好,輪胎是KENDA,這些配件對於零售的開的價格是非常經濟實惠的。
總而言之,當你不是因為價格在做考量的話而是以性能上來說Artifice真的是一個很棒的選擇,那如果你是以價格在做考量的話,Artifice會是你最好的選擇。在美國本土的消費者現在都可直接透過Industrial Bicycles購買的到產品哦。